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"Be The Change You Want To See In The World"
—Mahatma Gandhi (Nonviolent Protester and Indian Philosopher)

"Don't Reinvent The Wheel"
—Fred Flintstone (Caveman and TV Star)

"This Is The Information I Wish Someone Could Have Given Me When I Started Drafting Residential Design Drawings And Construction Plans 30 Years Ago."
—Robert Houseal AIA, NCARB Architect, and Building Inspector

Professional Qualifications:

NCARB Certificate (1999); NJ Registered Architect (1978); NJ Licensed Landscape Architect (1986); NJ Professional Planner (1986); NJ Certified Interior Designer (2007); NJ HHS Building Inspector; NJ HHS Fire Inspector; International Code Council (ICC) — Commercial Building Inspector-B2; Building Plans Examiner-B3; Building Inspector-B5; Residential Mechanical Inspector-M1.

Become The Expert

Now, In Weeks, Not The Years (Maybe Never) It Takes Most People, Become The Expert Drawing CAD House Plans.

I want you to be successful, more professional, faster... to not reinvent the wheel.

I want you to get CADD right the first time, every time, no matter your skill level today.

I want you to skip the 6,000 plus hours of trial and error it took me to figure out, and then publish, what no one is taught in architectural school, or learns by trial and error on the job.

I want you to meet all the code requirements in the International Residential Code (IRC).

I want you to be at least 40% more productive than your peers and eliminate most mistakes found in your construction drawings... by the end of your next project.

I want you to save yourself the headache of not knowing what to do next... before you waste your money and time on expensive CAD software, and on more expensive CAD courses.

In short, I want you to have this... the Guides I needed when I started with CAD over 19 years ago. You should also know I have over 30 years experience as a Registered Architect, and 20 years experience as a licensed Building Inspector. What I learned about Land Use and Building Codes, clients, and Construction Drawings ... is here for you too.

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